H. MOSER & CIE. Henry Mu: reject "Swiss Made" label, adhere to create 100% pure "Switzerland" table

December 19, 2016, Neuhausen am Rheinfeld (Neuhausen am Rheinfall) From 50% to 60%: This change in the ratio indicates the introduction of new regulations that are more stringent in the use of "Made in Switzerland" labels for watches. From January 1, 2017, any watch must meet 60% of the parts are made in Switzerland, can have a legitimate "Made in Switzerland" label. However, H. Moser & Cie. Henry Muhammad argues that this seemingly reinforcing requirement is not rigorous enough: the label itself will lead to greater confusion, rather than enhance the value of the role. This is the final consumer awareness of this label there is replica watches uk a huge gap between: Consumers generally believe that "Swiss Made" means that the watch is 100% from Switzerland, and the actual situation is indeed some brand components in fact Is produced in other countries. As a small watchmaking factory in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, more than 95% of Henrich's wristwatches were produced in Switzerland. The brand welcomes more stringent standards to match the brand's own Of the high standard. Therefore, Henry Mu decided to abandon the use of "Made in Switzerland" label - that from 2017 onwards, when Henry watch any new rolex replica will no longer appear on the label. "We are a true believer in Swiss values, and every day we are firmly committed to the concept of traditional mechanical watchmaking, where we design, develop and manufacture our parts from start to finish, including gossamer and adjustment mechanisms From our sister company Precision Engineering AG. "We were not able to build our own from Swiss suppliers," explains Edouard Meylan, CEO of Henry Muir. "More than 95 percent of our parts are Made in Switzerland, this goes well beyond the 'Made in Switzerland' standard, and brands that barely meet this standard use the replica watches same 'Made in Switzerland' label on their dials, in fact a large part of their parts Are manufactured in other countries, it is this standard 'flexibility' so that they benefit.Now, the 'Made in Switzerland' This label has been depreciated, because many entry-level brand to use this tag to survive or In fact, we do not need to use this label to prove what our product itself is fully capable of self-evidence quality. "Therefore, when Henry will be in its own time, in his own image is also the case, Watch the use of the "Swiss Made" label, it is a logical choice of rational. Henry Mu's watch with extraordinary Zhuoqun watchmaking craft to create, is the pure tradition of quality, its quality is self-evident. Henry Mum carried the idea to its zenith: On January 12, 2017, Henry Moore published the most "Swiss" watch ever made - made in Switzerland, by Swiss watchmakers, Material. This unique masterpiece will be in 2017 January 16 to 20 at the Geneva International Watch Fair (SIHH) on the stunning debut. Has now announced the color of the dial: red fumé smoke! H. MOSER & CIE. Henry Mu: reject "Swiss Made" label, adhere to create 100% pure "Switzerland" table Henry Mu, when the Swiss watch to create the most "Swiss" watch, will be January 12, 2017 release, and then in January 16 to 20 during the Geneva International High Watch Fair "Carré des Horlogers" area of ​​Henry Mu When the exhibition hall.