Jacques Delo - stunning time, warm years

Christmas bells in the snow filled the night quietly playing, Santa driving by the nine elk sled as about to, filled with the gift of passion and desire to pour in. In this cold winter, at this moment the warmth is the only moving melody. As the film Love Actually with 10 love story intersection romantic and happy Christmas Eve, so that all people who have seen the movie heart warmth, praying for time to stop, the happiness into a steady stream of bit by bit. In this pass the passion of the Christmas season, let the time record of never-ending good, Jacques Deluo selection stunning for hundreds of years of time ceremony, with a brilliant wrist light between the bright white cold winter, breaking the dark Night, bloom every moment of precious warmth. Feel bright and stunning in the winter - Jacques Delor's Charming Time Bird and Elegant 8-Flower Rhyme White is the color of winter, the snow of the cold winter, but because of each other's warm wishes and good wishes and become different, warmth is love and happiness. Jacques Deluo selection of white stunning on the table, so that warm time in the wrist. As early as the 18th century, the encyclopedia was born, the power of swiss replica watches science is recognized by the world, Pierre • Jacques Delo is committed to achieving its real challenge of tabulation career: copy dynamic. The birth of the automatic dolls - writers, musicians and painters, so that a royal nobility at that time, therefore, the three unique dolls stunned the world for hundreds of years time. Now, Jacques Deluo continued to write the legend of automatic doll design, the introduction of charming time and graceful 8-flower rhyme two handed down, warm white Christmas years. Mother of pearl dial is like a quiet serene snow, the traditional Swiss countryside scenery, pure and pleasant Christmas song has been charming time in the joy of the birds played, as if playing in the warmth of this time, and elegant 8-flower Rhyme on the dial, mother of pearl soft shine and diamonds shine bright ice each other, while the top of the dial to the white lotus flower staged flowers of the wonderful landscape, with a magnificent grand performance to pledge The happy life of the coming year. Charming Time Bird THE CHARMING BIRD J031534200 White mother of pearl hand-carved and painted dial. Onyx dial. 18K white gold case and three-dimensional table edge. Manual on time chain bird automatic doll movement, button touch device. Sapphire crystal whistle system. Time-division display function Automatic mechanical movement. Power reserve of about 38 hours. Diameter 47 mm. Limited edition of eight. Elegant 8 - Flower Charm LADY 8 FLOWER J032004270 White mother-of-pearl dial. 18K white gold case set with 114 diamonds, 18K white gold case set with 88 diamonds, total weight of 1.57 karats. "Flower bloom" automatic doll movement. Button to activate the device. 18K white gold petals. Drop shaped pink sapphire. Time-division display function Automatic mechanical movement. Power reserve of about 38 hours. Diameter 35 mm. Limited edition of eight. Warm red flame - Jacques de Roi gold foil carved pocket watch Huacengchu Shang, the flame-like red is the replica watches uk representative of the warm Christmas, Jacques Deluo 2016 new gold foil carved pocket watch to experience the beauty of the United States and Crafts, bringing warm Christmas blessing, along the enlightening era of talented gold foil carved decorative process, Luo master craftsmen in the same piece of time integration of ancient and modern techniques, and gold foil carving process combined with a unique large fire enamel dyeing process, for the timepieces into a new emotional content. The iconic large second hand pocket watch is decorated with gold foil carving craftsmanship. The geometric pattern of the rigorous workmanship is matched with glittering red gold and brilliant enamel. At the same time, it is like a brilliant red magic fireworks. Bringing the warmth of the bottom of my heart and romantic touch. Gold foil carved pocket watch THE POCKET WATCH PAILLONNÉE J080033046 Carved red gold enamel dial 18K red gold case Blue steel pointer Self-winding mechanical movement 18K red gold bracelet Power reserve of about 40 hours Diameter 50 mm Limited edition of eight Warm golden sound of jade - Jacques de Ivory enamel when the big second hand Jacques de Ivory enamel when the big second hand with a golden second to reflect the warmth of the Christmas atmosphere of joy, after Jacques Delo art workshop masters carefully burned ivory enamel dial, and red gold case complement each other, To create a unique warm gold to celebrate the Christmas of the beautiful, not noisy, not bright, but warm in-depth heart. At the same time in 2016, Jacques Delo will be the first time when the two concepts applied to one of its iconic table: large second hand series. Large second hand series as Jacques Delero's classic, design inspiration from the founder of the brand Pierre? Jacques Deluo 1785 in La Chaux de fang created with a large seconds disc eccentric hours and minutes disc pocket watch, it exposes Opened a new way to interpret the time. Second hand rotation attracts attention, so that wearer better experience the passage of time, become the watch industry for hundreds of years abide by the rolex replica golden rule. Large second hand watch series with elegant and elegant practice of an eternal commitment. In the history of watches and clocks, there is no bold design of a watch to show such a noble temperament, 200 years, all the large second hand watch series are constantly proved this point. In the same dial, eccentric at 12 o'clock position shows the time of the inner disk, and located at 6 o'clock in the second hand within the disk bound embrace, the composition of the shape of the number 8, meaning the infinite possibilities of time. This Jacques de Ivory enamel when the two seconds, was dedicated to no matter where you are, know how to taste the warmth of your time. Ivory enamel two places when the second hand GRANDE SECONDE DUAL TIME IVORY ENAMEL J016033200 Double-layer ivory-colored Grand Feu enamel dial. 18K red gold case. 6:00 position set a large second hand, the reference time and pointer date display. Self-winding mechanical movement. Power reserve of about 65 hours. Diameter 43 mm. Breeding vitality and hope of the emerald green - Jacques Delo Jade 35 mm hours when the small needle plate Christmas trees in some Western countries is a symbol of Christmas. Green plants wither or die in the winter, the only evergreen, to maintain the vitality of the Christmas tree, which represents the eternal life and the desire for the spring. Jacques Delo Zeyi contains the warmth of the texture of life green mineral aesthetics gift this warm Christmas. Boundless and stagnant above the earth contains a flashing dazzling light treasures. All kinds of rocks, spar and minerals always remind us that nature is a talented artist. These treasures in the depths of the earth will always give us a unique and refreshing feeling. To capture the beauty of natural light, to decorate the watch dial, this is Jacques Delo ore aesthetics. Jacques Delo mineral material watch with light, color and deep sense of the collision of unpredictable collision of stunning aesthetic realm. Jacques de la Jade 35 mm hours of small dial plate on the jade stone in the original white texture, the suspension of Cuise, white too obvious, it looks Cuise more spicy, and then with 18K red gold case, the ring and the pointer , As if the jade inlaid in gold, just should be the "gold inlaid jade" beauty, red gold warm and flexible and jade clear transparent, collision as the time flies, the warmth of life is still beautiful beauty, quietly warm the time Of the refreshing. Jade 35mm hours when the small needle plate PETITE HEURE MINUTE 35MM JADEITE J005003573 Self-winding mechanical movement Emerald dial White mother of pearl dial 18K red gold case Case inlaid 232 diamonds (weighing about 1.22 karats) 18K red gold pointer 18K red gold buckle Green silk strap Power reserve of about 68 hours Diameter 35 mm